29 Weeks & 3D Ultrasound


Jacob  and I had the opportunity to see baby Ryder on Tuesday evening! I’d been going back and forth on whether on not  I wanted to get a 3D ultrasound done.  My Dr’s office doesn’t do them so we would have to go to an outside facility to get it done. Which was fine, except our insurance didn’t cover it. I really couldn’t justify spending $129 bucks for 25 minute ultrasound, when we have sooo many things to get before this little guy gets here.  I found out through a co-worker that I could go to the local ultrasound school and get it done for a fraction of the price.  So for $45 dollars we had and hour long 3D ultrasound.  The student that performed it worked so hard to get our little guy to wake up and get his hands out of his face.




We loooved getting to see his cute face and can’t wait for this sweet boy to get here!

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