[ 31 Weeks ]


Since we are no longer moving, that’s a story for another time, I’ve spent the last few Saturday’s decluttering. Trying my best to be ruthless and get rid of the extra stuff we have sitting around taking up space. Let me tell you there was a lot of it.  The thought of even trying to fit a baby- or more all of the crap you need to care for said baby into our disorganized little townhouse left me feeling claustrophobic.

I’ve  spent hours weeding through clothes that I’ve had since Jr. high one of the benefits of not growing since 7th grade. Cleaning out closets, and going through boxes of crap stuff saved from our childhoods.

I mentioned to someone that I had been working hard to get our little house organized, their response of ” Awww your nesting!” made me cringe.  My immediate response was ” Nope. Just decluttering.”

But here we are, I’m now 31 weeks and I just spent my Saturday scrubbing down and organizing the kitchen cabinets, and thinking that I should definitely add scrub the baseboards and wipe down the walls to my ever-growing list of things I want to have done before 36 weeks.

 So… maybe I am nesting?  Though to be honest that word still makes me cringe.

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